Miami Master Brokers News - March 2008

  Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Miami Chapter - March 2008


In This Issue:

* An Important Message From the Miami MBF Chair

* 2008 New Members Dues Policy

* February 2008 Forum Dinner Recap

* Save The Date for Next Forum Dinner

* How to use the MBF Logo

* THREE Special Offers for Master Brokers!

* How to E-mail Fellow Master Brokers


Important Message From Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Miami MBF Chair

Dear Fellow Miami Master Brokers:


I hope this finds you well, and that you enjoyed our Feb. 4 Forum Dinner at Nikki Coconut Grove.  Your advisory board is already hard at work planning our next event (scheduled for May 12), and handling the day-to-day responsibilities which keeps our chapter successful.


At the last board meeting, after much debate, it was decided to increase the annual membership dues from $150 to $300, effective for the year 2009.  The board also voted to change the due date for the collection of 2009 membership dues from November 2008 to January 2009.


As you know, our dues have not increased since 2005.  I’d like to take this opportunity to explain why we made this decision, and why we believe it will improve the chapter tremendously.


• Marketing/Advertising: One of the challenges we have faced in recent years is the marketing of the MBF “brand”.  While many members effectively utilize the MBF logo on their own advertisements and web sites, and while we have worked with local publications from time to time in an effort to promote the organization, we have never had the funds necessary to truly raise awareness of the brand to the extent that we would like.  With increased revenue generated by this dues increase, we will be able to purchase meaningful, consistent advertising in key media outlets. Educating the public about what it means to be a Master Broker will enhance the value of our MBF memberships exponentially.

• Reassessment of Membership Value: The board recognized a wide disconnect between the current dues structure and the rising value of MBF membership.  As Miami Master Brokers, we enjoy three to four lavish dinners and parties per year (even more when including invitations from our sister chapters in Broward and Palm Beach); have access to a state-of-the-art web site that allows us to communicate with each other and prospective buyers and sellers; and employ a public relations consultant who is responsible for keeping our organization in the news, communicating with key reporters and editors, as well as a myriad of other important assignments.  By increasing the dues, we are bridging this disconnect in a way that ensures the chapter’s stability and growth.


As you may know, the Master Brokers Forum is a non-profit organization and the board works strictly on a volunteer basis.


I hope you agree that the TRUE value of being a Master Broker goes far beyond the aforementioned events and services.  It lies in the opportunity to meet and work regularly with the very best in our profession, and to distinguish ourselves as such. 


It should be noted, of course, that with the moving of the dues deadline from November 2008 to January 2009, that we will each enjoy two free months of membership this year.


Thank you for your kind attention and for your continued membership. 



Alicia Cervera Lamadrid
Miami Master Brokers Forum


2008 New Members Dues Policy

Effective immediately, the board is accepting online applications for new members throughout the year.  A prospective member's application will be reviewed and voted on at the next scheduled board meeting.


If the member joins between January 1 and June 30,

they will be charged the full year's membership dues. If the member joins after July 1, they will be charged half of the year's membership, since renewal is in January of each year.


Nikki Coconut Grove Hosts Feb. 2008 Forum Dinner

On February 4, more than 120 members of the Miami MBF assembled at Nikki Coconut Grove for the organization's first Forum Dinner of 2008.  Members enjoyed a cocktail reception in the exquisite bar/lounge area, complete with champagne and scrumptous hors de'ouvres. 


After moving to the dining room, the guests were greeted by Nikki Style Magazine president and publisher Peter Higney, and also treated to a special presentation on the newest member of the Nikki family, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Turks & Caicos, by Blair MacPherson, the project's director of sales and marketing.


Following this presentation, Master Brokers took in an enlightening panel discussion on "Financing Challenges in Today's Market", moderated by Simon Cruz, president and CEO of Plus International Bank and a former Miami Beach Commissioner.  Panelists included Rich Campanella from Wachovia, Ken Mello from Elite Valuation Services, and Chris Buttafuocco of Capital Mortgage. 


Master Brokers enjoying the cocktail reception at Nikki Coconut Grove


Top Row, Standing: Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Miami MBF; Peter Higney, Nikki Style; Donna Bloom, Miami MBF; Simon Cruz, Plus International Bank; Blair MacPherson, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Turks & Caicos


Lower Row, Seated: Ken Mello, Elite Valuation Services; Rich Campanella, Wachovia; Chris Buttafuocco, Capital Mortgage


Silvia Chudnovsky, Ralph DeMartino, Merle Frank, Elaine Palastrant, and Judy Russell


Charlette Seidel, Lizzie Padro, Monica Paredes, Ilene Efthimiou, Jack McAlister


Save the Date! Next Forum Dinner will be May 12, 2008
Island Gardens, a mixed-use luxury waterfront development located on Watson Island, will sponsor the next Forum Dinner on May 12.  Watch for invitations in your e-mail in the coming weeks!


Distinguish Yourself!  Use the MBF Logo

As a Master Broker, you have the opportunity to feature the organization's distinctive "MBF" logo on your advertisements, web site, business cards, and other promotional materials.  To save the logo below to your computer, simply move your mouse over it, "right click" your mouse, and select "Save Picture As...".  (For a high resolution version of the logo, click here.)


MBF Logo - small.jpg


Special Offer #1 – Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club

Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club has recently completed over $100 Million in renovation to the entire property. The Resort, which recently hosted a Miami MBF board meeting, is opening its doors to Master Brokers and their prospects; and is offering "the royal treatment" when you call to schedule lunch and a tour. 


The Resort will register your prospects and, when a membership sale is made, the broker who registered the prospect will have his or her Turnberry Isle Broker's Club Priveledge Card card activated accordingly.  A Golf Membership will be worth $5,000.00 in credit, a Sports Membership worth $2,000.00, and a Social Membership worth $1,000.00. (The credits are to be used solely at Turnberry Isle for food and beverage, services and retail purchases.)


Turnberry Isles offers a world of total luxury, which includes 36 holes of world class golf redesigned by Raymond Floyd; a brand new Laguna Pool aquatic center; a Spa and fitness center; four new Har-Tru tennis courts and a new poolside pro shop. The Ocean Club, located on the beach in Sunny Isles, is currently open and slated for a renovation this summer.  For dining, they offer The Cascata Grill, The Harry Soffer Room* (members only), the Laguna Pool dining al fresco, The Ocean Club, and their our newest restaurant, Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak.  For more information, contact Linda Grosz, director of membership lifestyle services, at (305) 933-6593.




Special Offer #2 –

MBF members can save $100 off any video from through March 31. is a pioneer in the development of high-quality online videos of luxury properties.  For more information on and their special offers for Master Brokers only, contact Brigid Prio at (305) 321-7335 or




Special Offer #3 – Florida Registry of Homes

Florida Registry of Homes, a print and internet advertising guide showcasing Florida real estate to the affluent buyers of the Northeast, is offering special package deals to members of the MBF. Master Brokers can save as much as 34% off the standard rates for 1-2 pages.  For more information, contact Barry Kresfelder at (954) 759-4532 or visit


FLA Registry Logo.jpg


How Do I E-mail My Fellow Master Brokers?

Many of you have been receiving e-mail notices from your fellow Master Brokers regarding new listings and open houses.  Have you wondered if you could also send mass e-mails to the entire membership, and how to do so?


It’s EASY!  Just follow these simple steps to reach your fellow members:


1.       Visit the Master Brokers Forum web site at

2.       Scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on

          “Member Login”

3.       On the next page, type in your e-mail address (the one on file with the MBF) and your password. (Hint: if you STILL have not created your password, the default is “mbf”.  Make sure to CHANGE your password under “Edit My Profile” once you’ve logged on with the default.)

4.       On the left side of the next page, click on “Member Communications”.

5.       On the Member Communications page, you will notice there are two “pull-down” menus.  On “By Chapter...” you can select one or all chapters for your message.  On “Select Membership Type”, you can choose all types, individuals, partnerships, working or non-working managers, or Sponsor/Developers.

6.       After making these selections, simply type your Subject and the body of the message.  You can format your copy using the word processing tools on the page.  (Hint: you may want to write your copy in Microsoft Word BEFORE logging onto the web site, so you can “copy and paste” once you reach the page.)

7.       If you’d like to add an attachment to your mailing, scroll down to the Upload Attachments area, click “browse” and navigate your way to the attachment.

8.       When your message is ready, click “Send Email”.  That’s it!


For more information on using this tool, contact


Miami Master Brokers Forum Board of Directors