Chair of MBF, Inc.
Helen Jeanne Nicastri
Vice Chair and Event Coordinator   Miami MBF Chair
Donna Bloom   Jeff Morr
Treasurer     Membership Chair
Iliana Abella   Claudia Lewis
Past MBF Chair     Past MBF Chair

Alicia Cervera
  Emilio Palomo
  Communications Chair   At Large
Carlos Garcia   Christopher Zoller
  Advisory Board Meeting Chair    

Public Relations Chair

  Nancy Ilife   Hazel Goldman
  Forum Event Co-Chair     Event Co-Chair
Patricia Klock Parker
  Penni Chasens
  At Large      At Large
Andres Asion   Philip Freedman
  Secretary     At Large
Teresita Bernace   Jill Hertzberg
  At Large     At Large
Ralph de Martino   William Hahne
  At Large  
Mayi de la Vega