Master Brokers News-July 2010/SPECIAL EDITION: "Member Marketing Toolbox"

MBF Logo

"Member Marketing Toolbox"

The tips and tools presented here will help you maximize your MBF membership, showcase your properties, and distinguish yourself as an esteemed member of this elite organization! 

We STRONGLY encourage you to use these tools and welcome any other suggestions you may have to offer your fellow Master Brokers.  Please share your thoughts and comments with us at

MBF LogoTOOL #1: The "MBF" Logo - Use it EVERYWHERE! 
As a Master Broker, you have the opportunity to feature the distinctive "MBF" logo on anything you might use to promote yourself and your business. 

This may include (but not be limited to:)
* Advertisements
* Web sites/Facebook pages
* Business cards
* E-mail "signatures"
* Promotional items

To save the logo in this article to your computer, simply move your mouse over it, "right click" your mouse, and select "Save Picture/Image As...". 

(For a high resolution version of the logo, click here and follow the same steps.)

TOOL #2: Your MBF Member Certificate 
The MBF Membership Certificate is a brand new marketing tool, which we are proud to introduce here.  This attractive document certifies that you are indeed a Master Broker, and informs the reader about the elite nature of our organization.  Feel free to print and display this certificate in your office, or use copies in your new client presentation folders.
CLICK HERE to open the certificate template in Microsoft PowerPoint (recommended) or CLICK HERE to open the template in Microsoft Word. Once opened, personalize the template by changing the fields in [brackets], then print.

2011 Holiday Party Save the DateTOOL #3: Your Profile - Which Showcases You AND Your Listings (IF entered correctly!)  
Every Master Broker has a profile on  This profile is where you maintain your contact information and update your professional head shot.  When visitors come to the web site, the information on your profile is what they will find, so it is in your best interest to update it regularly.  (Instructions on how to log in and access your profile are below.)

Your profile is also the gateway to a special added feature, of which many members are not aware.  Visitors to the MBF web site can find your and other Master Broker listings by using the "MBF Exclusive Property Search", which automatically generates the current listings from each member's MLS account.  Visitors may find listings by type, location, price range, etc.

But - in order to have your listings included in this special section, you MUST have your Florida real estate license number correctly entered in the "License #:" field on your profile.  (Do NOT include "BR" or "SL" to the field, only your number.)  This will trigger the web site to automatically populate the "Exclusive Property Search" with your listings!

To access your profile, just go to, then scroll down to the bottom of the main page and click on "Member Login."  On the next page, type in your e-mail address (the one on file with the MBF) and your password. (If you have forgotten your password, follow the steps on the screen to have it e-mailed to you.)

Once you are logged in, click on "Edit My Profile" and save any necessary changes before logging out of the web site.

2011 Holiday Party Save the DateTOOL #4: Your Member Communications Feature: Announce Your Open Houses and Other News  
The MBF web site also offers an effective and easy-to-use tool for announcing your "open houses" and other news with fellow Master Brokers.  By using the Member Communications tool to e-mail these announcements, you can be sure that your messages are sent and received from a known and trusted source.

To use the Member Communications tool, we strongly suggest you first type out your message in Microsoft Word or another word processing application.  When you have your message ready, just log in to by following the instructions in the above article.

On the left side of the next page, click on "Member Communications."

On the Member Communications page, you will notice there are two "pull-down" menus.  On "By Chapter..." you can select one or all chapters for your message.  On "Select Membership Type", you can choose all types, individuals, partnerships, working or non-working managers, or Sponsor/Developers.

After making these selections, simply type your message's Subject and then the body of the message.  (At this point, you can "copy and paste" the message from Microsoft Word directly onto the page, and format as you see fit.)

If you'd like to add an attachment to your mailing, scroll down to the Upload Attachments area, click "browse" and navigate your way to the attachment.

When your message is ready, click "Send Email".  That's it!

2011 Holiday Party Save the DateTOOL #5: Your Master Brokers Forum Facebook Page - Stay Connected, Informed, and Engaged
You can always find the latest MBF news, event recaps, and interesting discussions on the Master Brokers Forum Facebook Page.  To access the page, you must have a Facebook account, and then click the "Like" button to join the page and receive frequent updates.